Many of us today face one problem: the desire to eat a healthy diet while not having enough time to cook.

It can then be tempting to buy ready-to-eat meals at the grocery store or eat fast food. Indeed, there is practically a fast food on every street corner. If you choose the fast food avenue, it is important not to compromise on the quality of your food.

There are ways to eat outside the home while making healthier choices.

On which elements should you then base your choice?

Fresh ingredients

The industrialization of food has brought many processed foods to the market, whether at the grocery store or in restaurants. However, according to Canada’s Food Guide, “the consumption of highly processed foods increases the intake of sodium, sugar or saturated fat. “

Ingesting a large amount of sodium, sugars or saturated fat can increase your risk of developing chronic diseases. The maximum recommended sodium is 700 mg per serving for a person over 14 years of age. A daily intake greater than 2,300 mg may pose a health risk. The limit is more difficult to define for saturated fat. As for trans fats, the human body derives no benefit from consuming them.

It is suggested by nutritionists to pay particular attention to the sodium and fat present in highly processed foods, as these can affect health in the long run. Indeed, a higher sodium intake can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep disorders, depression and even certain types of cancer.

You will not be surprised to learn that there are also a lot of chemicals in the meals served by fast food chains. These products act as preservatives to preserve meat for a longer time or to improve the color and flavor of certain foods.

It is also worth paying close attention to the list of ingredients in the search for color, glucose and added flavors.

Avoid consuming highly processed foods when fresh products are available.

Fresh food is of the highest quality and contains the vitamins and antioxidants necessary to maintain overall good health. We therefore have every advantage in favoring them!

A balance homemade meal

As mentioned earlier, most fast food restaurants use frozen and processed foods filled with preservatives, which are low in nutrients.

How to recognize a good fast food meal versus a less nutritionally interesting meal?

There is a good way to find your way around. To make a balanced meal, it is suggested to incorporate the five basic flavors on your plate: salty, sweet, acid, bitter and spicy. In most fast food restaurants, there are only these three flavors: salty, sweet and acid. This is generally a sign that the meals served there are incomplete.

However, some restaurants have chosen to offer a selection of healthier products to their customers. This is the case of the Nacho’s chain, whose traditional Tex-Mex cuisine is characterized by the use of basic flavors to create authentic dishes full of flavor.

At Nacho’s, everything is homemade. You will find fresh fruits and vegetables, carefully seasoned premium meats, sauces and salsas made on site, a large selection of toppings and even vegan options, all prepared in front of you, according to your preferences.

Everything is put in place by our team to compose a complete and tasty meal for the whole family. And this, for the same price as a traditional fast food meal!

Using fresh and readily available ingredients, it is possible to offer mouthwatering, hearty and healthy dishes at a very reasonable cost.

You will therefore save time without compromising on the quality of your food by choosing a fast food of superior quality.

Come meet us in one of our three Nacho’s restaurants to taste our delicious meals made with fresh and healthy foods!